Poem That You Are

Dreams that inspire
onwards to the goal.
Never deterring, oh so
ageless and whole.
Trusting to love, worthy of all;
enriching each day, bringing light to the night.
Living, yes being!
Loving and doing.
Amazing and true, ever You.

I could continue, but I know a thousand words would have no impact if you are without that spark, that all encompassing desire to achieve something specific.

Inspired to action yet uncertain of the next step? Here in this space, between knowing and doing, coaching can be of tremendous help.

I work with inspired people, those of you who know what you want, are perhaps unsure of your choices yet have the desire and determination to achieve YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.

If that’s you and you are considering your options right now, contact me. There are so many ways to explore how coaching might play its part for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ciao for now.



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