Taking Note of Your Place in the Midst of All

Abundance is a term much used in the world of coaching, indeed I use it myself on my website and also in the profile here on the right. But what am I actually referring to?

For many years for me abundance was linked to a variety of MS Excel spreadsheets: number of hours billed, number of clients, breakdown between ‘Corporates’ and ‘Privates’. You get the picture. Abundance meant bettering the previous week’s figures.

Working with some of the top people in Italian business in Milan was a privilege and a pleasure. Time passed hour by hour, training session by training session, office by office, coffee by coffee.

However, I still remember the nagging thought towards the end of that period: no matter how much the trainer wanted the clients to learn, the process had to be a collaboration. OK, it’s probably not original, but I knew I needed to expand my understanding and offering. Learning of the Coaches Training Institute and investing in my curiosity led me to the abundance of now.

The first time I meet up with the other participants in the heart of London, an eclectic group sharing the curiosity, was as refreshing as diving into a swimming pool in the middle of summer. The co-active coaching concepts have answered many, if not all, the questions the previous work had been throwing my way.

Living, learning and coaching with a ‘beginner’s mind’ these past couple of years has opened up a world beyond the spreadsheets. Life now includes time off, having understood ‘I can’t give if the bucket is empty.’ Listening to the dawn chorus and watching ripples form then fade on a pond’s surface are precious moments I am learning to appreciate. Maybe tomorrow other things will take their place.

Whatever fills you with pleasure is part of your abundance. Certainly work can be on the list, if you decide to enjoy the experience. Most of those seemingly difficult or dull daily tasks become easier when approached with a feeling of gratitude for the abundance we already have in our lives – when we choose to see them.

No call to action this week, just a heartfelt ciao for now.



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