Creating Clarity

Whether it’s due to a dislike for disorder or a love of clear space I can’t say. In any case, for me having a blank piece of paper, a clear desk or the knowledge that I’ve done everything I need to have done up to now, all provide me with a sense of a freedom and opportunity for further creation. It’s having the cup empty so it can be refilled, as it were.

Nowadays there’s much talk about efficiency tools, time management, to do lists, setting goals and so forth. Personally I use these to structure my day, although I can understand for many they might be seen as limitations. Whatever works best for the individual, as ever, appears the way forward.

However, in many instances beliefs around such things are rarely investigated or verified as to whether they are still relevant to the person concerned. Possibly the expression ‘I’ve always done it like that’ could be a warning bell, indicating now’s the time to ascertain their continued usefulness.

Evaluating the benefit gained from say having three agendas requiring constant synchronization or lists of lists of things to do might produce some interesting results. The old idea of touching a piece of correspondence just once seems to be lost today.

Placing an item in a holding folder before requesting more details about which a meeting should be called to discuss the latest position on the matter prior to making a decision to place it in the pending tray is often considered as the modern way of working.

The writer and time management guru David Allen provides this input on the subject: “Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.”

Celebrating closure, congratulating completion, measuring results rather than hours worked would encourage the end as opposed to the beginning. Could it be so? We’re all responsible for our own desks, no?

Evaluating choices, and connecting with the simplicity and abundance of life, is what my coaching is about. Providing support for the inspired person who wishes to take steps towards a fulfilled life sums up my coaching sessions. Ready to walk, run or embrace the now? I’m here.

Ciao for now.



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