Life Happens in Perfect Timing

 “When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”


I love these words from the Buddha. In moments of stress they are able to make me smile and thus lessen the tightness in the body. From this perspective rarely do situations remain hopeless for long.

Daily we face circumstances not of our making, yet to maintain our equilibrium some sort of response will most probably be required. Think about it though, how many times have you reacted without a pause to gather your thoughts?

Yes, we all do it. Unfortunately we can see around us the results of this tension-building habit. Road rage, supermarket queue disputes, office squabbles, flame wars on the Internet, you get the picture.

So, back to the Buddha’s words. “When you realize how perfect everything is”, for me this is referring to the idea everything is as it is, thus by definition ‘perfect’. Whether we like it or not is absolutely another matter.

Accepting what is and moving forward from this point – instead of denying, complaining about and refusing the moment – is in itself a liberating sensation.

Taking a few seconds just to breathe, perhaps tilting your head back will be the trigger to laugh. The question will still be there to be dealt with, only we might bring to it a sense of harmony instead of further discord.

Without changing our habits our results will remain as always, so what is there to lose by experimenting?

Here’s wishing you a wonderful week, filled with laughter.

Ciao for now.



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