Breathing Through Transitions

Breathe deep, and again. Enter the calming sense of nowhere. Relax, focus on the now and enjoy the silence. All is as it is. The world moves forward from here with a new beginning. This space is here to be entered.

These words are for me. In the middle of the ongoing building work, remaining calm while all around spout opinions is proving to be a wonderful learning opportunity for me. Yes, I had hoped to have learned this lesson and be on to the next by now but it is not so.

In case you’re interested, it has been decided certain work is not satisfactory. Now, considering we’ve been living with this project since June the news is not so welcomed.

Christmas is coming, Peace and Goodwill to all men. First we have to give before we get, Be, Do and Have, and so forth. OK, OK, let me breathe again and I’ll work with this. Sure it takes practice and patience and setbacks yet the way is clear.

Communication remains the key. From now on paper and ink are the parents of the situation.

Thanks for letting me breathe in this moment with you.

Keep in touch and ciao for now.



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