Serenity and Surrender

Dreamlike days, intense conversations and the universal love of people, these are the things coming to mind when reflecting on the past few weeks.

Dreamlike days: with the news of the death of my dad, initial actions took on a surreal feel. My mind coped on one level, yet I felt at times to be split between doing and being. Centering and connecting with the breath helped so let me offer thanks to Jack Kornfield, right here right now.

Intense conversations: each word seemed to take on a great intensity. Holding the space for a client to explore, speak, experience and be is what I do as a co-active coach. In this case, the space held me. Support, friendship and guidance formed the cushion.

Universal love of people: with a lifetime of memories gathered in the cremation chapel last Friday, this is the message I believe sums up my dad’s life. Choosing to celebrate laughter and happiness, however, need not only be done in times of loss. One could ask is there ever a bad moment to remember the wonderful essences of life?

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