To Be You Right Now

Putting aside the classic To Do list, closing the agenda and clearing the decks for two minutes allowed the idea of a To Be list to enter my mind.

Working on the same principle as a To Do list, my To Be list sets out objectives for the coming day. Rather than striving to complete a task, my focus is on connecting with various experiences, from outside and from within, to be my chosen self.

For example, my To Be list yesterday contained two items:

To Be:

– Grateful

Life undoubtedly offers many opportunities for me to be this if, or better when, I am open to receive them. Looking for things to be grateful for allows me to be part of the universe.

– Centred

Connecting with the breath, finding peace in the now help me just as they probably do many people. Having this item on my To Be list concentrates my mind on these important aspects of life whilst the day fills with many things requiring my attention.

That’s it. Did I ‘complete’ my list? Let’s say it helped. Coming back to the list each time the mind wandered and emotions, thoughts and events began to crowd in provided great support. The being really was, is again today and will be tomorrow the goal.

So, what would you place on a To Be list right now? To be Happy? Inspired? Creative? Whatever you choose, you can be. As Joan Borysenko put it: “The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live.”

Keep in touch.


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