Four Months Down the Line

Four months ago my Dad died. Four months, not long really compared to the forty-six years and twelve days I had him in my life. Four months to get used to this new reality when in actual fact it will probably take forever, and still seem strange.

Looking back four months I see this dark moment of pain and upset. I can recall how I felt being closed in a room alone, attempting to make sense of years of papers as his executor, whilst all I wanted was to be downstairs with the rest of the family. Doing one’s duty isn’t always easy… Yet as the tears flowed, the kindness of many people carried me through those days.

What about looking forward four months? September 2010. The summer holidays will be over, the new academic year will more or less have started, and? Where will we be, what will we be doing? Naturally, like you, I have no precise answers, all we can do is plan, prepare and implement action today for then.

Four months, not long really but I’ve learnt this year it’s long enough for lives to be changed. I’m working now to play my part in bringing about a positive change. How it all goes is for another posting, yes four months down the line. And you? Where do you plan, think, and hope to be, four months down the line?

Keep in touch and thanks for reading this.



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