Being Human

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.
-Susan Jeffers

A great saying and a fine book. Yet even with the help of such an idea, and despite our best efforts, there are occasions when the stresses of life nip at our ankles causing fears and doubts to arise and block our path.

Knowing such obstacles are inevitable as we move through life doesn’t always ensure we aren’t susceptible to them however. It need not be a major thing that upsets the apple cart. Sometimes an unkind word, an unintended slight or just a comment from a colleague or friend received at the wrong moment can be enough to cause upset.

A wise friend the other day reminded me how hard I am on myself. Whilst I hold the space for others to be themselves as part of their personal journey, I push myself constantly. And this notwithstanding being surrounded by shelves filled with books by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Wayne W. Dyer, Stephen R. Covey, Marianne Williamson, Richard Carlson, and so forth.

OK, so I’m human. Feeling the fear is perhaps not a bad thing. Striving through the fear takes willpower though, but then I guess that’s what helps distinguish us from other animals. That and being convinced our life purpose, or whatever we choose to call it, is worth the hassle. The alternative is a life consumed without being lived, no?

Your input on this issue might be the key another is searching for. Thanks in advance for sharing.



2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Dawn says:

    I was just thinking that there are few alternatives to walking through fear Brian. What I do know is that it is much more fun having someone beside you who doesn’t mind you saying “I’m afraid” every once in a while.

    Thanks for being my net while I walk the high wire.

  2. bgdtcoaching says:

    Thanks Dawn for sharing your insight here. Admitting we are afraid sounds so honest and might be a first step through the fear itself. I believe it was Paulo Coelho who said: “It is the desire to walk that creates the path ahead”.

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