Beyond the horizon

 Hove seafront

Whenever I am in Hove, I am drawn to the sea. The seafont and beaches of my youth, where many a day was spent wrapped in a sweater, waiting for the sun to break through the clouds. Eventually entering the somewhat less than warm water was however fun, especially at high tide.   

Yet my strongest memory concerns the horizon. Being on the south coast of England, the idea of continental Europe sitting just over the other side of the horizon always seemed to fascinate me. The open water stretching out before it gave a sense of space, opportunity and freedom. Imagination filled with dreams of distant lands, all just beyond the horizon.

Jumping forward to the present and here I am living in continental Europe, seagulls having been replaced by cicadas. More goals are before me. This seems to be the story of life: there is always a new horizon for us. As Caroline Brazier said in her book Buddhist Psychology, “One can always go further. The eye must be on the horizon, not the feet.”

I can’t imagine life without dreams, goals and targets to work towards. Perhaps life would be easier in a certain sense without them, although I don’t really think so. The horizon promises a new day and just like today it is all before us.

So, how will you be moving towards your objectives today? Whatever you do or don’t do, I look forward to meeting you beyond the horizon, ideally in warmer water than the English Channel.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this today; keep in touch.



2 Responses to Beyond the horizon

  1. sheena says:

    Hove?! Not Portslade…..

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