Grounded, Not Rooted

Any experience has the potential to ground us, bring us a sense of oneness with the world around. Visiting a hospital and seeing it filled with so many people disorientated by fear; witnessing the suffering in the eyes of a person on the street rather than just noticing the outstretched hand, such moments for example can touch us.

How can we say rain falling into the sea is separate from the mass of water it joins? Likewise, I wonder how we can say any one person is less worthy of being on this planet than us? Love, it is said, knows no boundaries. Unfortunately we seem pretty good at not only knowing them, but also creating new ones.

Being rooted to the spot for me here refers to inaction. Knowing what should be done and actually doing it can sometimes be so difficult … in our heads. Within the space of seconds, a list of rational, sensible, and logical reasons can be created for us to pretend to not see the pain. On a deeper level this decision might, however, gnaw away at us. A chance to do something, even for just one person, has been ignored and for this we may feel bad.

Being grounded might mean making a second list. A list in which our richness does not depend on money, and our enjoyment of life will not be diminished in any way by sharing such things with others: a smile, a hug, an acknowledgment, a pat on the back, picking up a dropped item for someone, carrying the shopping up the stairs for an elderly person, and so on.

Yes, rereading the list the rational mind takes over again. Don’t smile at strangers; hugging can be misconstrued; people are wary of handing over their shopping bags… So what is to be done? Ninety-nine percent of the times the rational mind might be correct. For the other one percent our kindness just might make the day a little less arduous for the person in front of us.

No quotation, no closing comment, just a heartfelt thank you for being a drop here with me in the ocean of life.



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