Giving Our Best

Performing, being ‘in the spotlight,’ is what we do as we go through our daily activities. I’m not referring to formal theatrical offerings, rather the way we operate in front of others each moment of the day. Yet just as with any performance, stage fright can sometimes impede our efforts.

This may take the form of doubts about our ability to create a good impression during the upcoming job interview. Perhaps fear of making a fool of ourselves might render us a nervous wreck before the department presentation. Worry over what the other parents will think could dampen enthusiasm for the children’s party being planned.

As hiding away is an option rarely available to us, what is to be done?

Grounding, relaxation and breathing exercises to control our body and calm our minds might help.

Stretching and light aerobic exercises to release the body’s build up of energy could be done prior to the event in question.

Reframing our view of the upcoming encounter, perhaps reducing its importance in the overall perspective of our life, may lessen the tension around it.

Careful preparation for all eventualities, including the likely presence of the unexpected, can ease our anxiety to the point of being able to get started.

We can avoid further stress by aiming to do our best, rather than worrying about being perfect.

Performing to our full potential can be challenging, yet by overcoming the stage fright and setting the event in motion it is possible, at a certain point, we actually begin to enjoy ourselves.

And, although there might be no Oscars for our daily efforts, at least we will know we have given our best.

Thanks for being connected.



2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Matt says:

    Brilliant post Brian. Thanks!

  2. bgdtcoaching says:

    Thanks Matt, I really appreciate your support.

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