Chasing Tomorrow, Missing Today

Setting goals, visualizing the future and making plans are things I have promoted here. I believe in these tools yet I want to mention an issue related to them which I have had to struggle with recently. By operating with an eye on the future, the energy, excitement and enjoyment of today sometimes gets lost in the race to tomorrow.

I’m currently working on the last phase of a writing project I started towards the end of last year. It has been a struggle at times but the end is in sight. Herein lies the problem, over the past few weeks thoughts of the future have started to slow me down.

Perhaps there is an element of not wanting to finish, leave the comfort zone as it were, of an activity I have grown accustomed to. The routine of writing is something I certainly like. It fits with my ‘organized’ mentality towards objectives. I can count off the pages completed and see at a glance the sections needing input, and so on. The reduced pace is then, in this sense, working for me.

Thinking about the future, reviewing the plans already set in motion and imagining a successful implementation of more coaching and an expanded workshop activity is something I would like to spend time on. My passion is in this area notwithstanding the pleasure obtained from writing.

But I also love closure, being able to tick completed items off the list of things to be done. From this perspective the slowdown is causing frustration. So near and yet the last few words seem unwilling to pop into my head. This time last week, this time next month … and now?

So, what is to be done? ‘Head down, shoulder in’ as the saying goes. Back to the present. No more thinking about tomorrow. Today is the present I’m going to give to my To Do List and ensure an item gets crossed off sooner rather than later.

Thanks for being here today with me.



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