One World, Our World

As imagined, the oil spill is fast receding from the headlines. Other global events have captured the attention of the world’s press; old news is never top news.

With apparently no accurate details forthcoming regarding how much oil is still gushing into the sea, talk has shifted to how much it will eventually cost BP to settle all the expenses involved in cleaning up the coastline. Yet even these estimates are just that, estimates.

Whilst many have campaigned for changes to our universal obsession with oil-based products, the implementation of alternative energy policies takes time. And in that time the oil continues to flow into the ocean, wildlife goes on suffering and livelihoods are lost daily…

As a believer in personal and professional development, I cannot help but feel any growth in either of these areas should be coupled with an increase in the connectivity we have with this world, our world, the one world we are part of.

Anything less seems wrong, akin to ‘biting the hand that feeds us’ or like ‘spitting in the dish from which we eat,’ as the Italian version of the saying goes.

I’m not hoping with my words here to change anyone’s attitude or behaviour. I understand change is always a personal matter. I just don’t want to remain silent whilst ‘the earth dies screaming’ to quote a song title by UB40.

Thanks for reading this today. My earlier posting on this issue, entitled ‘A Vested Interest,’ can be found on this blog if you are interested or curious.



2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Cyndi says:

    As someone who views the ocean as the closest thing I’ve found to heaven on earth, this oil spill and the waning interest in the absolute devastation is personally painful. We are absolutely spitting in the dish from which we eat.

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Thanks Cyndi, for writing and for caring.
      I truly believe this is a personal issue for us all and one which our silence only gives ‘the powers that be’ the green light to continue with the destruction of our world.

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