Valuing Time

A new day. A new week, time for a new beginning possibly. Time, the measurement of our days. The expression ‘spend time’ captures the essence of modern thinking. Time is a limited commodity and we can deplete or maximize our supply by ‘spending’ or ‘investing’ it in a variety of ways.

On the whole, we get to choose the usage of our time. Yes, some blocks of time are established by others. Employers, family members and organizations, institutions and voluntary outfits to which we belong, might make claims on our time. The rest belongs to us.

Whilst teaching English some years ago I encountered three broad groups of people – professionals including lawyers, financial analysts, computer engineers, and suchlike -whose attitude to sixty minutes of weekly homework summed up their relationship with time in many ways.

One group of people didn’t need to find the time, they already had it under their control and invested it in their ongoing learning as part of a strategic plan to advance their positions.

A second group openly decided to ‘enjoy life’ without worrying about the future. Being relaxed, they didn’t need excuses to explain away their lack of effort. Learning English wasn’t a priority for them. As to why they were included in the courses, I never really understood but never mind.

The third group would react to time, without goals, ideas or long-term plans. Inevitably it was these people who felt compelled to invent all manner of excuses. Yes, they would say they wanted to learn, perhaps needed to learn, but never quite found the time away from the lesson to study.

Just thinking about those times makes me appreciate once again the first two groups of students and my coaching clients of today. They have made choices about their lives and whether through study, immediate enjoyment or personal development, are living as they choose to, without excuses.

To close, let me quote the words of M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of “The Road Less Traveled:” “until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

Thanks for spending a few minutes of your time in reading this. Your input on the question of time would be most appreciated so please do free feel to get in contact.



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