Balance Sheeting Life

Taking time out to just breathe in the moment and let my senses dance over all that surrounds me is something I do quite regularly. In a way it is an exercise in connecting with things anew, of becoming aware of the people and objects I interact with every day but don’t fully register with.

As I look at the things around me right now I am able to assess my attachment to them and their relevance in my life. Yes, it can lead to decluttering, possibly a shifting around of furniture or reorganizing of books on the shelves. Sometimes it becomes a reflection on past events and people associated with those times. In any case, it puts things into perspective for what is to come next.

During August here on this blog I intend to observe, review and evaluate various aspects of life. It will be a kind of 360° assessment, or taking stock of the actual situation, with the objective of using the input to tweak plans and eventual actions for the final quarter of the year.

The idea of looking at the whole picture is not new. Taking a holistic approach to life, for example, is a cornerstone of co-active coaching. One aspect of life impacts on another, for good or bad. The Buddha said: “Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.”

As we near the end of July let me say a big thank you to you for being part of this blog. The readership has increased these past few months, yet the most important thing is that you are reading this right now. Your presence is appreciated.

If you would like to comment on this posting, or indeed or anything related to personal and professional development, please do so. If you are looking to clarify choices, connect with life, be truly heard and supported in the present and future, and feel coaching might be a solution for you then again please get in contact as I am currently getting organized for the September sessions.

Happy August!



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