Focusing on Money

Moving forward with the holistic, 360° assessment of life, let’s look at money today. I quite like Richard Branson’s observation on this subject, “Money is for making things happen.” Looking at money from this perspective the analysis expands beyond the simple, closed investigation of whether I have all the money I want right now or not.

To what extent am I providing a valued service in line with my income expectations? In what ways can I increase both? What do my clients think about the current level of value I offer them? How can I enhance my value to existing clients and new clients alike? What do I need to do right now to bring about eventual improvements? Can I? Will I? By when? How will I evaluate the outcome?

Riches money can’t buy
Money is the focus here, yet I believe it only measures one aspect of wealth. From this viewpoint, in which ways does my work provide me with returns not measurable in money terms? Interaction with a variety of interesting people, ongoing learning opportunities, fascinating insights into business and life across various borders are just some of the riches my work offers me right now.

Investing in the future
Money spent today will impact on tomorrow and beyond. Continuous investment in professional development on the one hand is certainly a cost. On the other hand, I enjoying studying and firmly believe, in any case, it’s an essential expense in today’s competitive global marketplace. Understanding whether the current investment is adequate needs to be reflected upon.

Overall rating
5.5 out of 10. Long-term financial security is a goal. Specific amounts, investments and usage plans are already built into this goal. At present, though I am pointed in the right direction for achieving this objective, more attention can be given to this aspect of life, hopefully without losing sight of the many treasures life offers which are not tied to money.

The next posting will be covering the aspect of life generally referred to as ‘personal growth’. Until then, thanks for being here with me today and please keep in touch through a comment below, a tweet on Twitter, or if you prefer, an e-mail.



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