Spotlighting Personal Growth

A curiosity towards life for me lies at the heart of personal growth. It goes beyond one particular form of religion or thinking. These past few years have seen an opening up to a variety of ideas and sources of knowledge for me, and I certainly wish to continue in this direction.

The journey is the goal
One of the biggest steps has been to give myself a daily moment for reflection, study or contemplation on matters far from issues directly related to income generating activities. The journey of exploration is eclectic; the attachment to goals in this aspect of life is zero as the learning itself is reason enough for the effort. And I find it interesting, though not always easy to follow.

Reflection, clarifying and letting go
The Zen tale of the master pouring tea into an already full cup to show how we need to be empty to receive something new hit me when I first read it. Letting go of ideas or opinions no longer aligned to my values requires firstly reflection and clarification of the long-held positions. It seems an endless process, yet each day can be a learning opportunity in its own way.

Being, Doing, Having
Being in harmony with the moment, doing what is necessary to expand one’s competences, knowledge and capacities, and having the fruit of the effort whilst continuing with the process, are all elements of personal growth. Measuring efforts in this aspect of life is especially difficult. Who, for example, can say what is enough?

Current reading
At present I am reading three books connected directly or indirectly with personal growth: Jack Kornfield’s The Wise Heart. Buddhist psychology for the West, Caroline Brazier’s The Other Buddhism. Amida comes West and Pema Chödrön’s The wisdom of no escape and the path of loving-kindness. Together they are proving nourishment to the soul and food for the brain.

Overall rating
6 out of 10. I picture this aspect of life as a free corner of a landscaped garden. The design is not limited by a set plan. Growth flows in harmony with the moment. What would result in a higher rating? Possibly an intense period dedicated to this aspect of life, though for the coming months I can’t envisage setting aside such time.

The next posting will shift the balance sheet exercise to family and friends, assessing where I am right now regarding this key component of life. If you wish to join the conversation about the various aspects of life being reviewed here, please feel free to leave a comment below. In any case, thanks for being here today.



2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Dawn says:

    I’m enjoying sitting and breathing. It’s highly underrated.

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