Embracing the Physical Environment

From one perspective the physical environment could include not just the home, but also its location plus the workplace and localities frequented for leisure purposes. Examining the personal space we identify as ours is today’s undertaking for the ongoing balance sheeting of life exercise.

Starting where we are
Many people like to dream of living on exotic islands or being away from the everyday stresses associated with making a living. Some, perhaps, prefer to ponder on life in the big city with all its attractions and distractions. Where we are now, however, is where we can begin this assessment.

Basic questions
To what extent does your physical environment right now reflect your sense of purpose in life? If necessary, what changes could be implemented in the short-term to make it even more aligned with your current values? What aspects of your home, car, workplace are you tolerating as opposed to actually liking? For example, if it is the case, what benefits does the clutter in the home give you?

Personally taking stock
Looking around my office, I can see the Lucky Bamboo stalks to my right near the balcony doors are flourishing since I freed them from the tiny ceramic pot. Now in the round fish bowl/vase they are responding to the space and water by sprouting up.

The office is tidy, functional and quiet. The new coloured picture frames break up the plain light blue wall in front of me and the bookshelves behind me are arranged according to subject matter, with the ongoing project research all to hand. On the downside, the comfortable reading armchair to my left possibly needs reupholstering and the parquet flooring requires wax.

Beyond the office
Being based in Italy, having family in the UK, clients in various locations and friends spread around too, all makes for an extended physical environment for me. Keeping a track of the time in different time zones is not a problem and the Internet connection permits access to people around the globe. It really is one world and cultural differences are only barriers if one chooses them to be so, I guess.

Overall rating
6.5 out of 10. Possibly a low rating, yet it reflects my desire to be ‘more present in the world’. This year has been characterized so far by travel for family reasons. In the final quarter of the year I hope to be able to move more for work and recreational purposes. And yes, focus on my goal of getting nearer to ‘the sea’ for longer periods of the coming years.

I’d love to hear your views on this or any of the issues raised recently, so please leave a comment below. If you would like to receive each new posting in a timely manner via e-mail, please complete the subscription box on the right. Thanks for being part of my world here today.



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