And Now, From Now?

Over these past weeks I have been reviewing various aspects of life with the objective of using the input to tweak plans for the upcoming final quarter of 2010. The assessment has covered eight areas of life and identified how past choices are impacting on my life today.

Learning from the review
Looking at the picture created from these recent postings I have been able to identify certain changes to be implemented over the coming months. Evaluating life at any moment, without waiting for the traditional year end review for example, can be insightful for each of us. Measuring where we are in each aspect of life against our values and personal objectives allows us to maintain control over the flow of our day-to-day activities.

Using time
Right now as the month draws to a close I have set myself the challenge of following through on some of the points which have come to light. Time has already been set aside to engage in regular exercise. Improving my fitness is important and should not be ignored any longer. Giving more to friends and family will require some juggling with time, but likewise is important to me.

Training and Coaching
Work has come out relatively well in the assessment. It fits with my values and passion regarding personal and professional development. Wearing the trainer’s hat, the offering is solution focused and goal orientated.

As a coach, however, I offer no answers or solutions to issues occurring in my clients’ lives. Coaching is not about ‘fixing’ anything; I provide a space for the examination of issues, but it is the client who directs the performance he or her calls ‘life’. I believe in the cornerstone which states the client is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. If you wish to explore how coaching might benefit you, please get in touch.

Final rating for August
54.5 out of 80 or just over 68%. If the assessment were to be done again tomorrow it is quite likely the figures would change. As with the balance sheet, the evaluation represents a photo of the moment. Each of us relates in different ways to different aspects of our life and, as such, the rating attributed will always be of a personal nature. And rightly so let me add! Only the individual concerned can know how relevant or important each aspect is at any given time.

Thank you for reading this posting. I’d love you hear your thoughts on the aspects of life covered during the course of this evaluation, so please feel free to post a comment below. In the meantime, let me sign off by wishing you a fantastic September.



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