The Ticking Clock

It is likely most of us have in our sight right now a clock, a watch or indeed a digital read-out indicating the current time. This presence is often so ingrained in our life we might not even notice it until, for whatever reason, it is no longer there.

If we look around it is clear so many people just a) take things for granted, b) go through the motions, and c) do things on autopilot. Such a lifestyle might be comfortable, easy and even reassuring. I know sometimes I envy those who live in such a way. Though not for too long.

I don’t wish to suggest being fully conscious, yes even of the ticking clock, is any better than just letting things take their course. Throughout the day we quite probably dip in and out of different levels of awareness as our activities, moods and attention levels alter.

Taking charge of our attitude or outlook towards life is, however, one area of our life which, if we are honest, quite possibly should be under our control and with just a little effort can be. Whether all is as we wish it to be or not, how we face things can always be our choice. And the result certainly impacts on every aspect of our days.

Life is not a dream to be slept through. I don’t believe life is a battle requiring us to react aggressively to every situation either. For me it is about positive awareness, focused effort and openness to others as we build and live the life of our choosing, minute by minute.

Years ago I used to get clients to exit and return to their office to evaluate the surroundings as if they were clients. It was interesting to see them ‘suddenly’ notice boxes of photocopy paper, unsorted post and plants crying out for water all about the reception area. And then confidential documents left on colleagues desks, clearly visible to all who happened to be walking through the office to get to the meeting rooms. It was usually an eye-opener for the clients.

If right now we look around us, what can we see? Let’s look again, imagining we are observing it all for the first time. What does each item say to you about your life? In what way do the things reinforce your world? The same exercise could be done with our thoughts, words and actions.

Noticing what we think, say and do offers input to how we are. Whether it leads to change is entirely up to you. It might be all is good and in that case confirmation of the fact is reward enough for undertaking the exercise.

Well, as ever the clock is ticking. If you would like to share your thoughts on the issues mentioned here please leave a comment below. For information concerning co-active coaching with me, please visit my coaching website. In the meantime, thanks for choosing to read this today.



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