Questioning Reality

Is our view of life, the reality we have created by our thoughts and actions any less real than that of others? Whilst all is moving forward as planned the answer is most likely to be a resounding no. We might not even have the time or desire to ponder this question as life happily carries us along.

But what about when we hit a roadblock? With our path interrupted, doubts can pop up. Perhaps after all we were being foolish to think we could achieve this or that? Maybe life is letting us know we should stay in our place, keep quiet and just worry about getting through each day as it comes?

How quickly we are knocked off course is an indicator of how attached we were to our objectives in the first place. Setbacks can be reasons to give up. Yet they can also be opportunities to reassess our goals and evaluate progress, before we restart, possibly taking a new route to our objectives.

So how realistic is it for us to believe we can influence our life? Turning the question around, how realistic is it to think we have no impact on what occurs in our life? Our thoughts are certainly ours to think. And we can undertake actions designed to get us to our chosen goals.

With our past decisions, actions and efforts we have reached the point we are at right now. Our life is real for us. Others may wish to judge it as unreal or dreamlike. That’s their right. Such a person’s reality is no less real than ours, nor more so.

Empathizing with them, we might discover in front of us a person living in fear and pain. These people might prefer to attack us, rather than admit to themselves that they too have had – and indeed still have – occasions to improve their existence and live life to the full.

Looking for words to close here, Brian Tracy provides input: “Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.”

Thanks for taking time out to be here today.



2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Ruth Fraser says:

    This strikes a cord with me Brian, I once heard a lady quote ( someone who unfortunately I cant recall) – “there are armchair MD’s” – so for those folks in our lives who are managing directors – they know what we should be doing and are happy to to give advice. Sometimes armchair MD’s, although they will have our very best at heart, are not objective so should not be listened to. Their voices can be loud though above our own, tricky!

    What you talk about also made me think of Maria Nemeth’s work as a coach – she calls the inital gap between the goal and us achieving it “Trouble at the border” – great expression that – and “monkey mind” is another of her’s! You can see her on utube.

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Ruth,
      Thanks for being here and sharing some interesting points. I love the expression ‘trouble at the border’ and will check out Nemeth’s work.
      Let’s speak soon. In the meantime, hugs to you.

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