Using Intuition

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, intuition is “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

It is a capacity we all have. The degree of its presence in one’s life usually depends on the individual’s practice and application of it. If we are not accustomed to being sensitive to our intuition or ‘gut-feeling’ then of course it will have little impact on the way we run our lives.

Trusting our intuition is an act of faith in ourselves. It takes effort and determination to liberate ourselves from the conditioning of society which places importance almost exclusively on numbers, majority rulings and safe options.

Yet invariably we know when something is ‘right’ for us. Maybe we can’t put into words why we feel drawn to one solution or decision as opposed to another. It’s our intuition and, despite another’s attempt to dissuade us from our thinking, going against it rarely proves to be right for us.

I read somewhere of a practice of delaying decisions until one has had the chance to sleep on the issue. For a morning person like myself this works well if there is time to delay making the decision. For those who prefer other times of the day, the practice might not be so effective.

If items pop into our heads they usually do so for a reason. Keeping a notepad handy for jotting down ideas, insights and thoughts allows us to maximize our intuition.

The significance or meaning of an intuitive thought might not be immediately clear. As Rumi put it: “bewilderment is intuition.”

However, having it written down permits us to refer to it in a second moment when perhaps we can see better the bigger picture and make the necessary connection in order to benefit from it.

Knowing when to listen, when to speak up and even when to walk away often comes from tuning into our intuition. Certainly there will be occasions which are out of our control, yet for those times we can decide, aligning with our intuition can be a constructive action to take.

Intuition tells me it’s time to stop now. That said, I appreciate you being here today. If you wish to join the conversation and share your thoughts on the issue of intuition, please leave a comment.



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