Reflections – Being Thankful

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the festivities associated with this time of year. If we believe the advertising we are all to be thankful for the stunning partner by our side, the perfect family, and let’s not forget the pretty house — ideally on the prairie.

But against such benchmarks life doesn’t always measure up. Taking a stand for who we really are might be pressing on our minds. Maybe we’ve thought about tuning in to our true self, shared a dream out loud with a loved one who does not, cannot, quite acknowledge its importance to us.

Such dreams can be crushed before they have a chance to take root. We destroy the seed, crush the shoot just by believing those in our heart will see the flower before we plant it in a pot filled with details and certainties. What colour would the flower be I wonder, if it were allowed to grow?

I’m conscious for many people life right now is not about joy and laughter. Sickness, grief, job worries, loneliness, fear of becoming a victim of domestic violence linked to the holiday season, abound in our ‘civilized’ world.

A sense of helplessness, isolation and even embarrassment about not meeting the mark set by society can add to the other more specific issues. On the surface there might seem little to be thankful for.

Yet inside each of us there is opportunity for excellence. Yesterday and today need not limit our tomorrow. Nobody can beat our magnificent self out of us. Our soul, spirit and heart can take refuge in the knowledge we are here together on this earth, even if at times we may feel alone.

We are unique and all champions of ourselves. It is not a question of being better or worse than anyone else. Life is not about winners and losers. The author Marianne Williamson said: “The greatest form of abundance is to remember who we are.”

Reaching out, whether to a friend, relative, religious or secular support group such as the Salvation Army or the Samaritans, is an act of Thanksgiving too. By taking care of ourselves we are really giving thanks for the chance to let our true self shine despite the hurt and pain.

Thanks for stopping by today, I’m grateful to have this opportunity of being connected with you.




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