Reflections – Five Coping Strategies

Wouldn’t it be great if each day everything happened and everyone did just as we wanted? No upsets, no worries, no digital switchover… Yes, it would be almost dreamlike, but for now I’ve set out five basic strategies I use for dealing with life on those occasions hiccups are encountered.

Get busy
In the first instance of its occurrence, stress for me creates the sensation similar to that of having drunk too many espressos in a short space of time. In such moments I need to be active. It may mean I set to immediately on what needs to be done. Alternatively, I might make a list.

Speak to my accountant
Any issue remotely professional usually has me reaching for the phone. Over the years her role for me has expanded to become a sounding board, business coach and guide through the intricacies of living and working in Italy.

Listen to The Clash
The music creates a space in which I can be free from my thoughts. After losing myself in punk rock for fifteen minutes or so, invariably a shift in perspective occurs concerning my attitude to whatever upset me before. Though possibly not for everybody, it works for me.

Focus on the breath
Even if meditation is an important part of my life in any case, when things aren’t going right or at least aren’t going as I want them to be going, I’ve learned to see discomfort as a reminder to reconnect with the present moment. Ten minutes of focusing on the breath helps me tremendously.

Take comfort in the words “This too shall pass”
I can recall working with a particular client company years ago. I never really hit it off with the boss and completed the assignment only because I was contracted to do so. Each week as I trudged to the office I would be heartened by the knowledge it would not be forever. The words “This too shall pass” says it all as everything is transient, including difficulties, upsets and stresses.

So, what are your coping techniques? If you’d like to share your strategies, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for connecting here.



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