Reflections – Menu of Life

Regardless of where we are, how we are or who we are, we all have choices and it strikes me these are part of what could be called the ‘Menu of Life’.

Our selections or choices from the menu go a long way towards determining the flavour of the life we have.

Thinking of our personal values and attitudes as the antipasti, subsequent choices from the menu usually flow in harmony with this opening course.

The first course might be viewed as a consolidation of our values with the selection of friends, interests, careers and religious associations. We could say it is an offering of pasta or rice, as these basic choices provide much of our nourishment and begin to fill us.

Moving onto the main course of life is possibly akin to having a variety of endeavours, commitments, obligations and responsibilities. Again these are items forthcoming from previous choices. The plate is often full, whether we choose to see it as vegetarian, meat or fish based.

Our handling of peripheral questions during the meal – health issues, external tensions and so forth – influence our perception of life. They are the side dishes, beverages and seasoning which impact our dining experience.

Reaching the dessert might represent the coming together of our choices to provide the final moment of sweet pleasure, before the coffee arrives. Leaving the table satisfied, having enjoyed our choices, is perhaps the objective of us all in one way or another.

Well, time to eat. Thanks for being at the table here today.



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