Reflections – 3 Success Indicators

Success Indicators, such as ‘the mansion on the hill’ or ‘the fleet of vintage cars in the garage’, are features of life nowadays. And, if we believe the current thinking, shame on us if we haven’t already gotten them.

With the pressure to conform being so great, it seems everything concerning SUCCESS comes down to a question of money. Yet that is only one indicator of accomplishment.

Success from a personal perspective might, however, be witnessed by other less material indicators. Although we may all have our own definitions of success, let’s briefly examine three ‘alternative’ success indicators.

We live by our values

Regardless of what we do, how we do things impacts on our sensation of success. When our actions are aligned with our values the feeling of harmony is often unparalleled by anything else. Daily we encounter questions and each choice or decision can reflect what is important to us.

We give our best at all times

As a competitive person I live by the mentality of ‘all or nothing’. When faced with a task, I aim to give 100% as the idea of just ‘going through the motions’ seems pointless to me. Though I might not always ‘win’, success or at least satisfaction is achieved in knowing I have done my best.

We accept responsibility for our success

Tying success to objects, people or moments can be a risky strategy. It not only reduces our presence in the world but means our success, being dependent on these external elements, is out of our hands. Accepting responsibility, on the other hand, is a proactive approach to life.

But what about you? What determines success for you? To share your thoughts on this issue please leave a comment below.

If you feel success is on your horizon and believe coaching could be just the thing to help you reach your goals please get in contact for a free, no-obligation, coaching session.

Here’s wishing you much success!



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