Reflections – Switched On

On occasions the expression ‘it’s not my concern’ might seem sufficiently true to provide us with an excuse to mentally switch off.

We might find ourselves caught up in a meeting with little or no bearing on our work. The discussions around us could sound pointless or empty of importance for us, so we switch off.

The words ‘it’s not my concern’ can become a lifeline to cling to. In any case, we say to ourselves, we are here only temporarily after which we’ll return to our usual environment where we can switch on again.

But what if there were no here or there, this and that, them and us? What if it were all part of just one big now? If we switch off ‘then’ might we be missing ‘now’ too?

Without getting wrapped up in word games, I’m thinking about what the impact could be on us if we remain awake, switched on, regardless of the location or occasion. Being fully present, attuned to wherever we find ourselves might mean we discover ‘it is our concern’ after all.

Naturally there are times our participation takes on the role of an observer, listener or supporter to others present. Yet, if we are switched on, such moments can provide learning opportunities as we focus on others rather than ourselves.

The American television star Larry King put it this way: “Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I am going to learn, I must do it by listening.”

Thanks for being switched on here today.



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