Reflections – Perspectives

We might have a calm perspective prior to an event, meeting or suchlike. With all the preparation completed, all we can do is wait for the kickoff.

And then before we know it, the occasion in question is over. Once it’s finished we may be left with any number of sensations. Choosing our perspective about the matter might depend on the extent to which we feel its execution or outcome has lived up to our expectations.

If much planning has been involved, there may also be some sadness over the fact this chapter has now ended. One perspective, which might provide some comfort as we reminisce, is offered in the words of Dr Seuss: “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.”

From the perspective of change, we know any activity or situation rarely leaves us unmoved in some way. As such, by extracting the learning from the occasion we can appreciate another step has been taken along the road of life we’ve decided to follow.

However, a positive perspective might be frowned upon by those who believe negativity is reality and positivity is only wishful thinking. It’s a point of view and certainly it is not for me to judge the validity of anyone’s perspective; we all have our own reasons for believing anything.

Perhaps you have some thoughts on the issue of choosing one’s perspective towards events in your life. If you’d like to share your input here, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading this today.



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