Reflections – Something About Me

If you are curious you might wish to look at the ‘About Brian’ page to learn something more about me. The basics are all there, including one paragraph which, perhaps, best describes who I am.

“A passion for music and sport and a love for the theatre, expressions of channelling the power of preparation and practice into peak moments of excellence, have accompanied me throughout my journey to now.”

Be it in the background, as a source of inspiration and energy, or just to block out the world as I search for concentration, music weaves its presence into most of my days.

Sport, in its many forms, provides a benchmark for me when referring to aspects of organization, teamwork, individual skills and moments of collective excellence.

And my love for the theatre? Many similarities pop into my mind between theatre and coaching but one stands out. Rehearsals represent, in a sense, the coaching sessions as clients get to explore their roles and choose how they want to live fully their part in the play called Life.

‘Preparation and practice’ make up a large part of my life. Each day I strive to optimise my present and future to the best of my ability. And I am at my best when working with like-minded clients.

Well, that’s enough about me for now. I’d love to hear about you so please get in contact. In the meantime, and in any case, thanks for connecting here today.



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