Reflections – All About You

In the previous posting, ‘Something About Me’, I spoke about myself. Now I’d love to focus on you. You are, after all, here right now and so it seems only right I acknowledge your presence.


It’s admirable you are truly yourself. Your style, way of being, sets you apart. You know what you want and strive to achieve your goals. That you chose to read this – let’s be honest, more people in the world currently choose not to – in itself deserves my gratitude.


Anyone not interested in ideas concerning the magnificence of life, with its accompanying hiccups, would not have gotten this far into the posting right now. As you are still here, it’s fair to say you are open-hearted, even open-minded, about life from various perspectives.


Thinking how to describe your uniqueness, my mind is drawn to books on a bookshelf. As a book, you make up the collection whilst being special in your unique way. You contain a wealth of wisdom and enjoyment, in line with your particular genre or specific title.

And how do I know all this about you? I’ve based my belief chiefly on that fact you made a conscious choice to arrive at this page. Being confronted with many offerings each day, it says much about you that you decided to give me a few moments of your attention.

Yet for all my words there is so much about you I’m not aware of. Still, you know how to contact me if you wish to share some more details.

In the meantime, thank you for being here today.



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