Reflections – Path Walking

“The path to one’s long-term objective is rarely straight.”

I wrote those words in ‘Adjusting The Focus’ back in November 2010. And though time moves on, I believe the observation remains valid.

Items crop up just as we think we’ve cleared our path. All might be in place and then out of nowhere we get waylaid. Progress is blocked and time evaporates in the confusion of the moment.

Nevertheless, we can choose to keep our eyes on our goal whilst navigating obstacles. It often comes down to how committed we are to our chosen path or long-term objective.

If we have truly decided our life purpose then hiccups and interruptions will have no power to impede us for long. Yet only we know the strength of our determination to walk our path.

Focusing on setbacks can keep us nailed to the spot. Life is indeed in constant movement, there is always something urgent to attend to. However, if our goal burns bright in the heart we will invariably walk our path.

Opportunities arise as we work on reaching our goal and energy is replenished by enthusiasm. But as ever, it is up to us to actually walk our path.

For those of you on your path towards your long-term objective let me wish you well. For those of you yet to clarify your purpose in this life, again I wish you well.

I’d love to learn your input on this issue, so please leave a comment. In any case, thanks for reading this today.



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