Reflections – Step by Step

Moving forward step by step these days seems to involve great effort as the troubles of the world weigh on the shoulders of us all.

Underlining the oneness of our world, events are swirling around us even if occurring the other side of the ocean. And the ocean concerned can be any particular one we care to choose.

Yet taking steps is what we do though we may feel we cannot go on. It’s amazing to think of the courage and stamina of the rescue workers recently operating against the odds in Japan and New Zealand, and let’s not forget the extraordinary feat of bringing out alive the Chilean miners.

Stepping into the unknown of each new day, we are pioneers exploring new territory as we confront whatever the next twenty-four hours has to offer us. Exciting opportunities, unimagined difficulties or mountains of humdrum tasks could all be before us.

And each step usually requires the presence of the following three elements:

a) Belief that we are facing in the correct direction prior to setting off;

b) Faith in our ability to handle every moment;

c) Trust in the validity of our long-term objective as it surely sits at the base of all our actions.

So, as you take your steps into today, let me thank you for stopping by here. If you’d like to leave a comment below please feel free to do so.



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