Reflections – Spring Cleaning

Daisy always gets busy this time of the year. For her, like many folk I guess, the change of season is a time to spring into action.

She takes delight in having the apartment building looking its best for Easter. The leaves of the plants are polished and the communal runners washed. To avoid being dusted as part of the spring cleaning it’s best to keep moving.

Spring cleaning, however, need not be restricted to the visible elements of life. I love the idea of taking time out to explore habits, objectives and even beliefs which may have accumulated over time.

Doing something just because it has always been done is usually an ideal candidate for spring cleaning. Looking at the motivation for a habit might bring to light a reasoning no longer applicable to our actual being.

I appreciate some habits such as Daisy’s desire for cleanliness over Easter can bring pleasure. Yet understanding why we do something is a way of taking responsibility for our life.

That we might then choose to continue with the habit is certainly all well and good. We are undertaking actions from a position of awareness, which is surely a good thing in a world littered with mindless actions.

A project might be staggering on, though its eventual completion no longer holds any meaning. Items on To Do Lists may occasionally benefit from a spring clean. If a task hasn’t been done, despite it sitting on the list for weeks, its presence there can perhaps be questioned.

If you would like to share your input on the issue of spring cleaning, please leave a comment. In any case, thanks for being here today.



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