Reflections – Sow, Flow, Grow

Despite our views on the global issues we are being forced to deal with today, we can still sow seeds for a better tomorrow, flow with ideas in the present and grow steadily from the experience.


Taking time to read, study, learn and think can be said to be sowing today for harvesting tomorrow. Even if efforts made right now may mean other things need to be sacrificed, our positive choices will impact on our future.


By flowing with whatever life is bringing us rather than resisting it, we can end the tedious game of denial. No, we might not be happy with our current lot, but we can channel our displeasure towards making improvements rather than wasting energy moaning and groaning.


Though at times we might wish for an easier life, it is probable through our past efforts we have grown to the point of being able to overcome the obstacles we now face. We grow as we experience life and lessons learnt yesterday can assist us today and indeed tomorrow.

Sowing, flowing and growing is a simple process we may choose, proactively, to align ourselves with. Alternatively we might prefer to be reactive to whatever catches our attention day by day. And indeed there are undoubtedly many more approaches available to us for living our life.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this issue, please leave a comment below. In any case, many thanks for spending some of your time here today.



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