Reflections – Rejecting cynicism

Trusting people to keep their word is something most of us were brought up to do. As we get older and experience ‘more of the world’ is it easy to lose faith in people.

That said, should the actions of just a few people cloud our opinion of the many?

Yes, it can be frustrating to be let down by someone who fails to deliver on their promises. That not everyone responds immediately, or even within seventy-two hours, to our e-mails could be down to a system failure, illness or any number of reasons, however.

Trusting others rather than cynically believing everyone is out to cheat us is an approach to life which might save us stress and anger.

Alternatively, we could choose to let cynicism prevail and avoid opening up to anyone. We can play the game of ‘do it to them before they do it to us’. It might mean we have to keep people at arm’s length but then that’s our choice.

Personally I prefer to trust people. Though I appreciate there will be occasions the trust is misplaced, giving people a chance to be worthy of trust seems right to do so. Therefore, if only for this reason, I am content to keep on rejecting cynicism.

As Terry Waite put it: “At the end of the day, love and compassion will win.”

Thanks for connecting here today.



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