Reflections – Making room

Like me I guess you have come across your share of stuck drawers over the years. And I imagine in most cases they were not empty.

Whenever the runner is broken or the whole contraption jammed, the offending drawer often turns out to be chock-full of who knows what. How many tablecloths and dish towels and egg whisks does a household really need I wonder?

From a wider perspective, it seems we are like the drawers which don’t open easily when we too are filled with all manner of ideas and beliefs, accumulated over time. And though possibly some of these will never get aired, we cling to them ‘just in case’.

Occasionally taking the time to sort through the drawers, or indeed our minds, might allow us the chance to make room for more of what life has to offer us.

Recently I heard about the concept of only holding onto objects which are a) useful or b) beautiful. This perhaps might be the way for making room.

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Thanks again and goodbye for now.



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