Reflections – A quiet corner

Finding a quiet corner in the city is not always an easy task. Yet with a bit of searching it can be found.

We might like to spend time in silence or with music in our ears; perhaps our thoughts are enough company for us as we take in the atmosphere of the quiet corner.

However we choose to enjoy the moment will, in its own way, recharge our batteries.

The day can take on a whole new perspective after a few minutes of enjoying the tranquillity of a quiet corner away from the din more often associated with big city life.

Thanks for spending a few moments here in this quiet corner with me today. If you would like to contact me, I can be reached by e-mail, through my website, blog or via Twitter.

Thanks again and goodbye for now.



2 Responses to Reflections – A quiet corner

  1. Maria Parraga says:

    Thank you Brian:
    This is so true. How enjoyable is tranquility. Being with your own thoughts, listening to good music. Sipping a cup of coffee… Hmmmmm.
    Lots of luv 😉

  2. bgdtcoaching says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for connecting here and sharing your input. The coffee sounds good.

    Hugs to you.

    Brian 🙂

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