Reflections – Facing the truth

Whether we like it or not, as Gandhi said: “the truth is the truth”.

Facing the truth is often the first step in the process of working on whatever needs to be done to bring about a life more aligned to our values and objectives.

Denying the truth on the other hand – be it related to work issues, relationship matters or any other area of life – rarely helps us over the long-term. Issues requiring our attention cannot be solved if they have been swept under the carpet.

At times it seems we prefer to cling to ideas and beliefs based not on facts but rather on a distorted version of the truth. Things have always been so, we might tell ourselves, without investigating the validity or otherwise of such thinking.

Colleagues, friends and family members even might feel the moment is never right to offer us the truth, though the benefits of such an action would be clear once the anguish or embarrassment has passed.

In coaching, ‘pussyfooting around with the truth’ serves no one. A challenging or thought-provoking question, arriving out of the blue can wake us up to the truth. Awareness and learning may come by having the truth spoken and perhaps examined within the safety of the coaching conversation.

In case you were wondering, my coaching activity on the telephone and via Skype continues throughout the summer. If you would like to explore how it could be of benefit to you, please get in touch.

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