Reflections – Branching out

As we develop we invariably engage in all manner of projects connected but not limited to our core activity. Branching out into new endeavours is itself part of our development.

If we reflect on the pathway which has led us to now we might find a series of minor steps taken for the sole purpose of meeting needs of the moment. Yet like the leaves on a tree, the smallest detail adds to the whole.

Referring to these video postings, a creative person recently asked me “What’s next?” It’s a question I’ve been toying with and at present the answer remains “I don’t know”.

Ideas are sprouting up, mostly outside of the comfort zone but doable none the less. As ever action will be needed to move things forward, branch out to new heights.

Thanks for being here today. Coaching remains my core activity in any case and if you would like to contact me to explore what it can offer your development, I can be reached by e-mail, through my website, blog or via Twitter.

Thanks again and goodbye for now.





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