Reflections – Sensing the season through smell

Summertime, with its long days and warm weather encouraging us to go outdoors, seems to enhance our capacity to link smells with particular places, events and possibly even people.

We might like to look at the issue of sensing the season through smell by dividing the question into three time frames.

The Past

Days on the beach as a child are recalled in the smell of the waves. It’s a smell of freedom and vastness, coupled with the idea of a future laid out where the horizon meets the sea and sky.

The Present

Today the smell dominating things here is that of torrid heat. I’m not sure if I can put this into words but let me try. It is dry, invasive, stifling in its presence. Though not especially unpleasant, it is nonetheless overpowering in its intensity.

The Future

Let’s dream for a moment of a future filled with the smells we prefer. Freshly baked bread, freshly cut grass and a fresh sea breeze would be on my list. Fresh air – does it have a particular smell? – would, undoubtedly, also make the list.

And you? What smells evoke the season for you? Pleasant ones, specific ones, those perhaps unique to where you are right now? If you’d like to share your input here, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for connecting with me today.



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