Reflections – Moving up

With gratitude for where we are, we might feel inclined to pause and catch our breath. Moving up through the experiences life provides us can be a tiring process at times.

Life has habit of setting before us challenges to keep us on our toes. Each new level of endeavour seems beyond our capacities.

To avoid what we believe will be an uncomfortable stretch, we might say – either to others or to ourselves – we cannot do something before ever attempting the matter in question.

Yet invariably, when our efforts are put to the test, we so frequently discover ourselves to be far more capable than we first thought and find the next level up not really out of our reach. Taking action, as so often is the case, is a key element to our development.

Thanks for connecting here today. If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached by e-mail, through my website, blog or via Twitter.

Thanks again and goodbye for now.



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