Reflections – Sensing the season through taste

Tastes of the summer are invariably linked to location. Whether watermelons or apricots, barbecues or salads, each taste may bring pleasure to those enjoying the items in question.

There is something about following the seasons and eating freshly grown – some might even add locally grown – produce. The summer certainly offers us a wide variety of tastes to choose from.

As with food, our development can be associated to the seasons. Expanding our learning is similar to the growing phase of the crops. Progress is not always visible immediately, but provided we follow instructions and put in the work we can trust the process will permit us to harvest rewards.

The summer period is possibly a time for us to taste the fruits of our efforts. We might be using these days to plan for the coming final quarter of the year. Alternatively, we could be working flat out without any thought to the issue of seasons and the passing of time.

Whatever we are doing is surely right for us and, at this point, I’d just like to wish you a wonderful August.

Thanks for connecting. If you wish to add to the conversation here about food or development, please leave a comment below.



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