Reflections – Sensing the season through thought

Concluding this series of reflections on our interaction with the world via our senses, a final word can be spent on the way we connect with and respond to the world through our mind and thoughts.

As with the other senses written about here, we can perceive the moment via our thoughts. That said, our thoughts flow constantly, regardless of the season and irrespective of whether we are mindful of them or not.

Summer thoughts might be linked to a variety of situations. Leisure activities, desk clearing for the upcoming quarter, even household repairs could all be items on our mind right now. Together, no doubt, with many more all vying for our attention.

Comparing the role of the mind to that of the heart, the German-born Buddhist nun Ayya Khema noted in her book Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: “The mind understands and concludes, connects and discerns, whereas the heart feels.”

Bringing the senses together provides us with a perception of our world as we attach meaning to the inputs. Controlling the inputs – remember GIGO? Garbage in, garbage out – provides us with an element of responsibility, if we choose to exercise it.

Before I get lost in thought, let me end by saying if you’d like to share your thoughts on the issues raised here, please leave a comment below. In any case, thanks for connecting with me today.



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