Reflections – Momentum

Momentum, deriving from the Latin word movimentum, suggests the idea of motion in the moment.

The initial phase of an undertaking or project might involve sorting our resources and clearing the decks before starting off on our journey to success.

Once we get moving it will be necessary to be focused as the work gathers pace. Momentum in our efforts is often vital if we are to reach our objective.

Keeping on track towards the desired goal requires a clear understanding of where we want to get to, besides discipline and general awareness of the conditions we encounter along the way.

By pacing ourselves through each phase of the undertaking, we are increasing our chances of arriving successfully at our chosen destination.

With enthusiasm and effort momentum will build and carry us forward. Single actions and specific observations often merge into one long motion picture as the goal comes into sight.

Drawing near to the objective, we might need to reduce our momentum, slow the pace as it were, substituting speed with precision.

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Thanks again and goodbye for now.



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