Reflections – Facing the unknown

When facing the unknown it can seem natural to want to step back, turn around and stay entrenched in the comfort of the known, even if we may feel somewhat restricted there.

Going beyond the often self-imposed limits of our existence certainly takes courage. That said, though it may seem a little clichéd, there is invariably a light at the end of the tunnel if we keep faith in our chosen objective and maintain our efforts.

When our path leads us to a new and potentially challenging situation, the noted words of the American poet Robert Frost are worth recalling: “The best way out is always through”.

Each step forward enhances our experience and leads us to the next. Undoubtedly at a certain point we will find ourselves in a new yet familiar setting beyond the difficulties associated with the unknown.

By facing the unknown, meeting the challenges with love rather than fear, life rolls on and expands before us.

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Thanks again and kindest regards to you.



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