Reflections – Cushion

Reading the title Cushion may have encouraged any number of thoughts to spring to mind.

I have taken the word here as an acronym for a way of dealing with those difficult moments we have to face occasionally.

Cushion: control under stress helps initiate opportunities now.

Maintaining control of our emotions and subsequent actions arising from these inner feelings allows us to bring our full faculties to any situation requiring our input. Anger might be present yet it can be used to resolve the issue, rather than to confront people around us.

As others may lose themselves in the details of the moment spurred on by rage, with control we can perhaps see things from a calmer perspective, opening the way for opportunities to become visible in what at first seemed a hopeless state of affairs.

Connecting with the present moment as it is, instead of letting anger cloud our thinking, may be easier said than done but not impossible. We can practice with issues of minor importance, consciously detaching ourselves from items beyond our sphere of influence.

Making a distinction saves our energy for those times we need to act with ‘cushion‘. Each instance of life need not be thought of as a battle. If we choose, we could see stressing moments as opportunities to practice self-control and enjoy the outcome of such a measured approach to them.

Thanks for choosing to read this today. I appreciate many aspects of this issue have not been mentioned. If you’d like to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.



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