Reflections – Routine

Depending on our perception, any routine activity might be viewed as a pain or a pleasure.

Prior to beginning the task, all may seem straightforward and without any chance of providing us with inspiration or excitement.

However, the routine can sometimes turn out to be anything but routine.

Once we move from thinking to doing, a world filled with passionate people and interesting opportunities may await us. Remaining indifferent towards such intensity, though an option, can be difficult.

Besides the immediate benefits to our mood of jumping into the mix of creativity and enthusiasm, being part of something bigger than ourselves can lead us to throw off the shackles restraining our potential and let us soar.

That feeling of liberty we might have experienced as children running and screaming into the sea or whilst playing in the park has never left us, even if it may have become buried under burdens, worries and so-called ‘real life’ issues.

Time passes quickly when we are engaged, regardless of the setting or activity involved. And even the routine might embrace us, if we allow ourselves to embrace it first. It’s often a case of what we give is what we get.

Thanks for reading this today. As ever, if you’d like to contact me, I can be reached by e-mail, through my website, blog or via Twitter.

Kindest regards.



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