Reflections – Clearing the decks

As one year draws to a close, all that is left for us now to do is perhaps follow the input of productivity expert David Allen: “Sometimes the greatest gain in productive energy will come from cleaning the cowebs, dealing with old business and clearing the decks.”

Even the popular saying ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ points to the idea of clearing the decks.

Letting go, whether of ideas, beliefs, or merely accumulated clutter, is possibly so tied to this time of the year precisely because the new year is traditionally held up as ‘a new beginning’.

Naturally if we choose, we may view every moment as being a fresh start. As such, the exercise of clearing the decks can take place whenever we wish.

Nevertheless, with the emphasis on the coming year all around us, it seems appropriate to clear the decks now to offer space for new opportuniites to come into being.

Thanks for reading this today and indeed for all your support throughout the past year.

Happy 2012 to you.



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