Reflections – Beauty of life

Taking the time to acknowledge the beauty of life wherever we note it, is an activity which requires little expenditure but offers a great return.

Assisted by the endless stream of news reports it’s easy to focus on the sad, bad or mad things occurring in our world. Yet the beauty of life gives us also things to be glad about – when we choose to see them.

Setting aside the many serious problems caused by the recent bout of cold weather, also this season can remind us of the beauty of life, as nature with its balance of the efficient and the spectacular illustrates here.

Indeed the icicles, emerging as if from the leaves themselves, give testimony not only to the freezing temperatures but also to the incredible beauty of life. That the beauty of life surrounds us is not a new idea, the surprising aspect is perhaps the numerous ways it finds to be present in our world.

Thanks for being here today. If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached by e-mail, through my website, blog or via Twitter.

Warmest regards to you.



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